Chandler LTD-1

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In addition to the classic 1073 sound we add all the modern functions you expect and expand the EQ section giving you a much larger palate to choose from. Features include high impedance direct in, 48v switching, output fader, eq in/out, phase reverse, balanced mic in, balanced line in, over built power supply to ensure maximum headroom, and nine additional eq points.

Mic/Line input sensitivity- This switch selects between the mic or line inputs on the rear panel, and attenuates the selected input. The right side of the switch is the line input which gives 30db of control over the signal. The bottom and left side of this switch control the mic input and gives from 20-80db of boost.

Equalizer- The LTD- 1 features a greatly enhanced eq selection that was borrowed from consoles that were custom ordered by the BBC from Neve, Calrec, Audix and others. It is a three band eq that offers very good coverage of the bands and very musical selection of eq points. The overall effect is the same great 1073 sound with about double the selection and the ability to be used in more situations with greater effect.

High Eq- This is a high end shelving characteristic with five selections. 16k, 12k, 6k8, 4k7, 3k3 (standard 1073s had only 12k).

Mid Eq- This is a mid frequncy peaking characteristic with ten selections. 270hz, 390hz, 560hz, 820hz, 1k2, 1k8, 2k7, 3k9, 5k6, 8k2. (old 1073s had 360hz, 700hz, 1k6, 3k2, 4k8, 7k2).

Low Eq- This is a low end shelving characteristic with four selctions. 220hz, 110hz, 60hz, 35hz. These are the same as found on classic 1073s.

Filter - This is a high pass characteristic with 3db loss at 300hz, 160hz, 80hz, and 50hz. These are the same settings as vintage modules.

Equalizer Hints- With the added flexibility of the LTD-1 you may now use the mid and high eq to greater effect. For example on a kick drum or bass guitar you may now take out the mush (390-560hz) while still adding upper end eq even into the mids (3k3 or 4k7). The low eq and filter can be used in conjuction to turn the low shelving control into a low peaking control. For example at 110hz you select the filter setting just below that (80hz) which will make 110hz into a peaking type characteristic. This technique lets you have much more versatility with your low end eqing...

EQ Button- inserts the equalizer into the circuit.

PH Button - Reverses the phase of the output of the unit.

DI Button - Switches the unit to the DI input on the front panel. Please note the DI gain is controlled by the mic side of the input switch.

48V Button- Switches on the 48v phantom power for condenser mics. Do not use this with ribbons.

Output- This functions as the fader on a mixing console. Use it to adjust between the 5db steps of the input or to run the input hot without distorting your recorder ( for extra coloration). Most times this will be left at the full position.

Connections - All connections are transformer balanced with pin 2 hot. Power- These units are designed to be used with Chandler Limited PSU-1 external power supply. The pinout is as follows:


  1. chassis & B-
  2. + 48 volts
  3. + 24 volts
  4. -24 volts


  • High eq points; 16k, 12k, 6k8, 4k7, 3k3
  • Mid eq points; 270hz, 390hz, 560hz, 820hz, 1k2, 1k8, 2k7, 3k9, 5k6, 8k2
  • Low eq points; 220hz, 110hz, 60hz, 35hz
  • Filter Points; 300hz, 160hz, 80hz, 50hz


  • Mic; impedance 1200 ohms
  • Line; impedance 10k ohms
  • Output; impedance 600 ohms
  • Noise; Better than -85 dbm at - 35dbm sensitivity.
  • Output; Maximum output +28dbm
  • Frequency response; flat 15hz- 20khz,-3db 7hz 35khz