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The Fostex CR500 is a next generation CD recorder which offers pro-quality advanced features both as a master recorder and as a playback machine, yet will be available at a surprsingly low cost.

On the master recorder side, Fostex CR500 offers the world-first direct BWF recording onto UDF for-matted CD at up to 24bit/96kHz resolution. The file is fully compatible with PC workstations with data transfer a simple 'copy and paste' procedure instead of real-time audio ripping. In addition,the Fostex CR500 is ideal for DAT archiving in the standard16bit/48kHz format.

On the playback side, it offers many useful functions such as Instant Play, Fader Start, built-in memory for cue point and program play per each disk (up to 100 disks), etc. for versatile applications such as event playback, stage playback as well as broadcast playback.

Fostex CR500 Features:

  • CD-DA and BWF(stereo poly-file) (on UDF) file format recording.
  • Complies to CD-DA, ISO9660 (playback only) and UDF (v1.02) disk format
  • AES/EBU or S/PDIF digital I/O
  • Analog XLR (+4dBu/-10dBV selectable) and unbalanced RCA I/O
  • Fader Start function for broadcast use
  • Instant Play for event applications
  • USB port on the front panel for connecting an off-the-shelf USB keyboard for file name editing & simple transport controlling.
  • Program play up to 99 songs per disc
  • 10 memory points per disc
  • Internal memory for up to 100 discs’ programs & memories
  • Power On Play functions good for event & installation applications
  • Rotary encoder for quick access to the setup menu
  • Direct track selection by 10 key